X Of Pentacles | An American Interpretation of Neapolitan Sartorialism
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Mythology Series

Mythology X Of Pentacles

A robust collection of squares for Spring/Summer taking inspiration from Greek & Nordic Mythology.

Will you choose the path of the Theseus as he treads the treacherous halls of the Minotaur's Labyrinth? 4 monochromatic colorways set the tone for spring- A motif of Greek Ornament, Olive Branches, and the mythological Minotaur.

The heat of summer follows with brute force as you discover the Norse Serpent- Inspired by the tale of Thor's fishing trip to conquer Jormungaandr the Serpent. A palette of Gold, Brick, Raisin, Snuff, Viridian, and Cream add some diversity to your summer wardrobe.