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Instructions for Taking Measurements


 After measurements have been taken, you may click "add note" / "Special instructions for seller" on the cart page, and copy and paste them to be included with your order.

  • Point To Point: Shoulder & Sleeve Length. Place tape on widest points of the shoulders with the tape curved across the yoke as seen in the picture to capture shoulder width. Next, place tape at the same wide point of shoulder and run down the arm to the end of the wrist where you would like the sleeve to stop. *for short sleeve shirts, stop tape where you would like your short sleeve to end* These are 2 separate measurements, fyi. g. For right sleeve, start at widest point on right shoulder and run tape down to wrist.


  • Front & Back Shirt Length: place tape at the highest point of the trap muscle, where it meets with the base of the neck. For FRONT, bring the tape down the front of the body to the middle of the waist where you would like the shirt to end. DO NOT MOVE THE TAPE FROM THE SHOULDER. Instead, pivot it around and down the back, measuring from the same high shoulder point to the bottom where you would like the back of the shirt to end. See pictures below.


  • Chest: Wrap the measuring tape under the armpits and around the chest area over across the nipples and around to the back, as seen in the pictures. Ensure that the tape is tight and take the measurement.


  • Stomach: Wrap the measuring tape over the belly button and around the stomach area. Ensure that the tape is tight and take the measurement.

  • Waist: Wrap the tape around the waist and take the measurement.

  • Hip Measurement: Wrap the tape around the WIDEST part of the hips.

  • Bicep: Wrap the tape around the fullest part of the bicep ( usually where the bicep and tricep meet). This measurement is especially important for any Short Sleeve shirt, as this is where your sleeve would end; Determining a tight or loose fit around your arm.

  • Neck: Tape should be wrapped around the neck over the Adams Apple. This is where your collar will sit, at the finger in between the tape when measuring, to ensure it is loose enough.


  • Wrist: *Not Pictured* Wrap the tape around the wrist where you would like the opening of your cuff to be. Usually the base of the hand. *ONLY NEEDED FOR LONG SLEEVE SHIRT ORDERS*


The following is a table that can be printed and used to record measurements. Measurements can be taken in either Inches or Centimeters.

Polo Shirt Measurement Chart




Shoulder  Width



Sleeve Length



Front Length



Back Length