What is with those symbols?

The symbols you ask?

It isn't a finishing combo for your favorite button mashing game. Let's call it my interpretation of life's philosophy. It was taken from a Hindu meditation system called the "Tattwas (Tattvas)". Each symbol represents an element and process. Each element morphs into the next until the process is manifested into the final element.

Circle = Air, Thought, Vision, Movement, A mental picture

Triangle = Fire, Will, Desire, heightened emotion to be attached to the mental picture

Crescent= Water, Ebb & Flow, Passiveness, curation, doing the physical work required to begin forming the mental picture.

Square= Earth, Finality, The physical manifestation of that which you desire.

Together they form the process for creation.


To some this is hocus pocus. To me this is the very essence of how I operate. Whether conciously or unconciously, we all have goals or aspirations in one way or another, no matter how big or small. 

In relation to clothing, we have a vision of how we would like to appear. We seek the materials or means to aquire them, the artisans to create them, and piece together the final product that is unique to our personal vision. 

No matter the means, our beliefs, our fears; There is nothing more satisfying than seeing your vision come to fruition. 

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