How To Fold A Pocket Square

click on the videos below to watch a short tutorial on how to fold pocket squares.

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TV Fold: 
1. Fold Pocket Square in half
2. Fold over again lengthwise
3. Tuck the end without edges under, and place into your pocket
Fishtail Poof
1. Grab pocket square by center
2. Bring all four corners together, while holding the center
3. Twirl the center tip into a pinwheel shape
4. Place the pinwheel into the pocket first, with the corners behind it.
Fluted Fold
1. Grab center of the pocket square with one hand.
2. While holding the center with one hand, twirl the pocket square with the other.
3. Fold in half and place downward into your pocket, with the edges pointed up.

Flared TV Fold

1. Follow the exact steps for the TV fold.

2. Place the square with the rolled edges pointing upward, at an angle into your pocket.

3. Adjust the edges as desired.

Wave Crest Fold

1. Holding the center of the square, bring all four corners together to form a triangle.

2. Fold the triangle back on itself, so that you see pronounced crests at the front.

3. Place into your pocket with the corners of the triangle facing down.