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Bespoke & Made to Measure

We will be in New York City- Oct 29th-31st for fittings.

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As part of precautions for COVID-19, Consultations for clients outside of Richmond can be conducted via Zoom. This gives me an opportunity to show you garments, fabrics, and discuss your needs before planning a fitting.

I will be making trips to Washington D.C & NYC this fall 2020- Give me a call/email if you would like to be added to the list for a consultation/fitting when I visit.


Our Speciality is Neapolitan tailored clothing. A distinctive style of tailoring that hails from Naples, Italy.

Neapolitan Tailoring is centered around COMFORT.

Ability to Breathe

A Neapolitan jacket allows for better airflow. Hold one up to the light and you can see through it. Unlined, no shoulder padding, and option for full canvas or no canvas (lightest weight).


Though we advocate for taking care of your clothes, Neapolitan tailoring is much less formal in terms of use. You can literally ball your jacket up ( or roll it) and throw it into a bag when travelling. 


 Due to the unstructured nature of the jackets, one could curl up on a pillow and take a snooze with one on. Neapolitan tailoring can be far less restrictive and bulky than the typical American or British suiting you're used to. 



Appointments available for Richmond, VA & Charlottesville 7 Days A Week

New York City & Washington D.C. - we take trips twice a year- will also travel for groups for 4 or more looking to get measured.


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We produce garments for both men and women and offer both Bespoke and Made to Measure options.


We offer our Neapolitan Tailoring 2 ways- Bespoke and Made To Measure (Custom)
Below is a brief comparison between the two options. 


 Consultation: Measurements, Fabric & Design Selection ( Options are unlimited and often involve a conceptual sketch for various designs

Sizing: There is no size- your own pattern is created based on whatever your measurements are

Fittings: 3 Minimum

1st Fitting(BASTED): A shell of a garment is made, held together by loose white stitches. We can pull the entire thing apart and make adjustments right on your body.

2nd Fitting (FORWARD): You are fitted again, this time with some pockets and parts of the garment added. Further adjustments are made and you can decide on final details of your garment such as stitching, buttons, etc if you haven’t already.

3rd Fitting( FINAL): You are fitted in your completed garment. All of the details have been added, and it is ready to take home if no further adjustments are required.

Timeframe Start to Finish: 3-5 months ( less time after your first bespoke garment is made and we have your pattern.
Entirely sewn by hand



 Consultation: Measurements, Fabric & Design Selection ( Things are customizable, but limited to certain types of designs. You can customize things like type of pockets, # of buttons, etc.

Sizing: Basic size ranges(i.e 38R, 42L, etc) We use a pattern based on whatever size you are closest to, and alter it based on your measurements

Fittings: There is only 1 fitting. You garment is completed for you to try on and take home.

Mostly sewn by hand

Timeframe: 1-2 Months 
As you can see, qualifying something as "Bespoke" has less to do with customization and MORE to do with HOW it is made. Both Bespoke and Made to Measure are great options- But if someone refers to themselves (i.e Blah Blah Bespoke Custom Clothier) or their service  as both/one in the same; Chances are they only offer the latter, and furthermore have no idea what the former is. 

Luckily, now you do : ) 

We hope you'll allow us to create something special with you soon.