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Bespoke & Made to Measure


Appointments available for Richmond, VA & Charlottesville 7 Days A Week

New York City & Washington D.C. - we take trips twice a year- will also travel for groups for 4 or more looking to get measured.


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Our Speciality is Neapolitan tailored clothing. A distinctive style of tailoring that hails from Naples, Italy. Jackets are unstructured with either lightweight canvas, or comprised of nothing but fabric! Extremely lightweight, sophisticated, and much more relaxed. 

We produce garments for both men and women


We are proud to offer both Bespoke and Made to Measure services




  • A pattern is created for you from scratch, which is used to make your garment
  • After getting your measurements and making your pattern- an unfinished trial garment is made for your first of 3 fittings- called a BASTED fitting. The garment is loosely sewn together by white "Basted" stitches. Major adjustments can be made, including being able to pull the sleeves off entirely.
  • Options for customization are pretty much limitless
  • The entire process can take anywhere from 3 months to a year, depending on the tailoring house. Our process takes between 3-4 months on average. After 3 required fitting phases- you receive your final suit/sport coat.
  • All of our Bespoke garments are sewn ENTIRELY by hand in Naples, Italy


MADE TO MEASURE (aka Custom)

  • A pre-made pattern is chosen based on your size (i.e. 40R ) and then altered based on your measurements
  • After your measurements have been taken, your final suit/jacket/etc is ready for you within 4-6 weeks.
  • There is only ONE required fitting, in which you try on your completed garment. (We offer a basted jacket- standard as part of our made to measure service)
  • Options for customization are limited- You can change things like number of buttons, lapel type, pocket type, etc. but not the garment itself.
  • * Our Made to Measure Garments are mostly sewn by hand, but have some machine sewing. Ours still have more hand sewing than most made to measure(custom) offerings and are also made in Naples, Italy.

As you can see, qualifying something as "Bespoke" has less to do with customization and MORE to do with HOW it is made. Both Bespoke and Made to Measure are great options- But if someone refers to themselves (i.e Blah Blah Bespoke Custom Clothier) or their service  as both/one in the same; Chances are they only offer the latter, and furthermore have no idea what the former is. 

Luckily, now you do : ) 

We hope you'll allow us to create something special with you soon.