Bespoke and Custom Made to Measure Suits

 Our Speciality is Neapolitan tailored clothing. A distinctive style of tailoring that hails from Naples, Italy.

Neapolitan Tailoring is centered around COMFORT.

Ability to Breathe

A Neapolitan jacket allows for better airflow. Hold one up to the light and you can see through it. Unlined, no shoulder padding, and option for full canvas or no canvas (lightest weight).


Though we advocate for taking care of your clothes, Neapolitan tailoring is much less formal in terms of use. You can literally ball your jacket up ( or roll it) and throw it into a bag when travelling. 


 Due to the unstructured nature of the jackets, one could curl up on a pillow and take a snooze with one on. Neapolitan tailoring can be far less restrictive and bulky than the typical American or British suiting you're used to. 


We produce garments for both men and women and offer both Bespoke and Made to Measure options.



We offer our Neapolitan Tailoring 2 ways- Bespoke and Made To Measure (Custom)
Below is a brief comparison between the two options. 


 Consultation: Measurements, Fabric & Design Selection ( Options are unlimited and often involve a conceptual sketch for various designs

Sizing: There is no size- your own pattern is created based on whatever your measurements are

Fittings: 3 Minimum

1st Fitting(BASTED): A shell of a garment is made, held together by loose white stitches. We can pull the entire thing apart and make adjustments right on your body.

2nd Fitting (FORWARD): You are fitted again, this time with some pockets and parts of the garment added. Further adjustments are made and you can decide on final details of your garment such as stitching, buttons, etc if you haven’t already.

3rd Fitting( FINAL): You are fitted in your completed garment. All of the details have been added, and it is ready to take home if no further adjustments are required.

Timeframe Start to Finish: 3-5 months ( less time after your first bespoke garment is made and we have your pattern.
Entirely sewn by hand



 Consultation: Measurements, Fabric & Design Selection ( Things are customizable, but limited to certain types of designs. You can customize things like type of pockets, # of buttons, etc.

Sizing: Basic size ranges(i.e 38R, 42L, etc) We use a pattern based on whatever size you are closest to, and alter it based on your measurements

Fittings: There is only 1 fitting. You garment is completed for you to try on and take home.

Mostly sewn by hand

Timeframe: 1-2 Months 


As part of precautions for COVID-19, Consultations for clients outside of Richmond can be conducted via Zoom. This gives me an opportunity to show you garments, fabrics, and discuss your needs before planning a fitting.





The Brand : What We Stand For

X of Pentacles (pronounced "Ten of Pentacles") - named after the Tarot card that represents wealth and long term success- A sense of Fulfillment in having one of the most valuable things one can possess-Individuality. 

In a world where everything is mass produced and everyone resembles one another...we strive to create for those who value superior quality but MUST be themselves. The only box we can be put in is our packaging :)

Working directly with fabric mills used by luxury fashion houses- we provide them with our own art prints instead of recycling the same patterns everyone else uses.

 We also support Italian craftsmanship and tailoring trades. In our efforts to partner with historic bespoke tailors to produce our garments and uphold the phenomenon that is Neapolitan Tailoring. Specific to Naples, Italy - with it's own style of visually distinctive characteristics that can be easily spotted among a crowd of suits. An industry already facing it's mortality- with most tailors well into their late 60s+ and in great need of a new generation to carry on the tradition of things still made by HAND. The old school way. We like old school shit- it has soul, slight imperfections, it feels human. We love tradition and having the best of the best when it comes to quality- but without the ostentation that tends to accompany luxury goods. 

Sustainable by Nature

Bespoke tailoring has historically been a sector of "sustainable fashion", before the term was coined. Utilizing natural materials and creating garments meant to last a lifetime, rather than a few seasons. We continue that mission, emphasizing quality over quantity. Our accessories follow the same route, only releasing new collections once the previous have sold out- thus reducing our carbon footprint.



We promise to always go out of our way to be thoughtful, provide personal service, and deliver you something that is truly ONE OF A KIND.


Pricing: Made to Measure starts at $3600

Bespoke starts at $4500

Appointments available for Richmond, VA & Charlottesville 7 Days A Week

New York City & Washington D.C. - we take trips twice a year- will also travel for groups for 4 or more looking to get measured.


Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We've got answers.

Where are you located?

We are headquartered in Richmond, Virginia. Our founder often travels to Washington D.C., New York City, and Charlottesville for fittings & trunk shows. Also travel to the Midwest and West Coast for select groups of clients.

How do I order a suit?

 Click HERE to reach our Bespoke & Custom Suiting page to quickly schedule a consultation and learn about the difference between our Bespoke & Custom suits. Once confirmed - We meet at your place of choice to review fabrics, discuss design, and take your measurements. 

How much does a suit cost?

Our pricing starts at $3600 for Custom suits and $4600 for Bespoke suits. Pricing also varies based on fabric choice. 

Do you make suits for women?

You bet we do. One of the beauties of our Bespoke suiting is having the freedom to do anything creatively and create a unqiue piece no matter your size. The process is similar to that of Haute Couture. 

How long does it take?

Due to COVID & supply chain delays - turnaround times can vary, but typically are about 6 weeks for Custom & Made to Order items.

Bespoke is much more involved and requires 3 fittings- usually spanning 9 weeks for first timers and 6 weeks if you've ordered with us before.

We work with a very special Atelier in Naples who sews our garments painstakingly by hand. Because of the special attention and time needed- spaces for new clients are limited. 

Can we buy your brand in stores?

As of 2021 we began selling in select boutiques.

If you're interested in wholesale options- feel free to schedule an appointment or send an email to

What does the brand name and logo mean?

The name draws from the Ten of Pentacles tarot card - symbolizing culmination of wealth and enjoying the fruits of one's labor - aka TREAT YOURSELF

The logo borrows from a meditation practice called the "Tattwas" - A process of manifestation that starts with a vision and materializes physically. An ethos of you are capable of creating whatever you put your mind to.



Shipping is free in the Continental US and Free for the rest of the world on orders over $200. 



Please contact or (646) 389-4613 if you would like to exchange or return any items. Customers are responsible for shipping costs incurred for returning product.

Refunds are contingent upon use/damage. If product is used, damaged, not in it's original unworn state, or has taken on odors, stains, unnatural holes/tears, and/or alterations, a refund will not be granted. Please be sure to use and include any original packaging when making returns or exchanges.

Refunds for customers will be processed within 2-3 business days

A product may be returned within 14 days of delivery

Exchanges are accepted within 14 days of delivery. A full refund will be processed if the item is out of stock and cannot be reproduced. Customers will be responsible for the shipping cost of exchanged items.

The customer will be responsible for any shipping costs incurred during the process of returning or exchanging goods. This includes packaging, postage, and any Customs charges. Please mark the returned package as "gift" or "returned goods" to avoid potential Customs charges. X of Pentacles does not accept responsibility for packages lost in transit. If possible, provide a tracking number once the package has been shipped.