X Of Pentacles | An American Interpretation of Neapolitan Sartorialism
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About us

    Online clothing boutique specializing in traditional tailored clothing and accessories. Formed out of appreciation for Neapolitan tradition of subtle yet unique style. Soft structured garments, lighter fabrics, brighter color palettes, and silhouettes that compliment the man. Whereas fashion changes with trends and seasons; Style is eternal and the cloth is your vessel for self-expression.

    Take pride in the subtle details of patterns, textures, and craftsmanship over that which is "novel". We hope that you will find great use of our products in curating your own sense of style. 


About the Owner:

     Born and raised in Richmond, Virginia. I grew up fascinated with tailored clothing worn by my father and grandfather. As I grew older, I spent many days trying on my father's custom Barney's suits from the 60's and 70's; Admiring the craftsmanship and materials that were once a standard of that time (ala horsehair canvas and hand stitching). My fascination continued as I joined an online menswear community and began to learn the intricacies of menswear.

     As the years progressed, so did my taste in clothing. I began swapping out my cheap shoes for the  English variety with a goodyear construction, chisled last, and box calf. My sunday ritual became polishing shoes with a little scotch to sip, brushing out suits, and putting a dent in my wallet as I found new curators of clothing. My philosophy for purchasing more expensive clothing was rooted in ritual, longevity, and quality. For something that uses better materials and has a classic silhouette may cost more up front, but will last me for years to come as part of my wardrobe. I strayed away from things that were trendy and contemporary, opting for items that suited me as an individual and had no sartorial expiration date. I wore many hats( no pun intended) , including working in a renowned haberdashery, where i continued to hone my own style. I began sewing and learning graphic design , which transitioned into the collections you see today. I wish to bring about exposure to the menswear community. For those that contribute, and to those yearning to dress well the way our fathers and grandfathers did.