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The Brand : What We Stand For

In a world where everything is mass produced and everyone resembles one another...we strive to create for those who value supreme quality and individuality.

Working directly with fabric mills and workshops used by luxury fashion houses- we provide them with our own art prints to ensure our clientele never looks the same.


We are a brand, not a boutique- therefore everything available on our site is our own brand. We source and design everything from the threads that are sewn into our products, to the boxes that they arrive in. 

We do not sell our products in stores or reuse other designs. You'll never buy anything that looks like ours unless you buy it directly from us. 

We promise to always go out of our way to be thoughtful, provide personal service, and deliver you something that is truly ONE OF A KIND.


X of Pentacles (pronounced "Ten of Pentacles") represents tradition, individuality and timeless elegance.
TRUE BESPOKE: We are currently the ONLY brand in Virginia to offer REAL Bespoke suiting, and one of the few in the entire USA.
All of our Made to Measure & Bespoke garments are made in partnership with a small workshop in Naples, Italy- involving up to 50 man hours of hand sewing. Even our made to measure suits involve a generous amount of hand work.
All accessories are made in small batches and sold as Limited Edition Prints- the same as one would purchase from a gallery. Once sold, they are never duplicated/created again.
Our accessories are all hand-illustrated by Marcel - Use of pencil, pen, drawing ink, marker, and watercolor are utilized and altered via new media to produce each print. We partner with mills in England and Como, Italy to manufacture our scarves, ties, and pocket squares- also all sewn by hand.
In closure, we're here to  offer you something that embodies craftsmanship, respects tradition, and serves as a tool to express your own individual narrative. Whether it be wearing it or framing it- the choice is yours.



X (Ten) Of Pentacles was founded in 2016 on the heels of several tragic events. Our founder and Designer , Marcel Ames, was on track to join the ranks of the Richmond Police Department circa 2014. About 2 months shy of graduating the academy, he suffered from a concussion during training. Following months of physical therapy and treatment, he was unable to return.


Shortly after, Marcel was blind-sided by the abrupt death of his father, followed by the loss of his home. While searching for a new career, dealing with grief, and working through post-concussion syndrome- Marcel began sketching as a therapeutic outlet. When there were no design jobs available, he decided to pool his resources and create the brand you know today as X of Pentacles- teaching himself design and pairing it with an obsessive passion for menswear. Many of those therapeutic sketches drawn at the kitchen table became the first pocket square collection. 

Watch our founder's CreativeMornings talk below to learn the long version of that story.