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Selecting an every day wear jacket

These days we find ourselves working from home much more, due to COVID. The cabin fever is real and clothing can seem a bit mundane.

Although we aren't going out AS MUCH, we still have to go out- which warrants the occasion for having a good outerwear piece. A staple jacket if you will.

For cooler months we need something that is versatile- both in look and function. After-all, we're all about longevity here at X Of Pentacles. 

x of pentacles Monarch cotton suede mens belted safari jacket

I introduce to you our "Monarch Jacket" - our own take on the classic Safari Jacket - with roots as a military uniforms for deployment in warmer climates- a lighter piece that could be worn over shirts - with ample large pockets to store things like small arms, rations, maps, etc.

Our version pulls from those historical features, but takes influence from the Trench coat as well ( see that belted center and those wide lapels and high collar?)

Our cotton jacket features a heavyweight twill from Brisbane Moss - giving it a bit more weight and making it perfect for layering during cooler temperatures- Ideal wear during Spring, Fall, and Winter.

Throw it on to grab groceries, hit a bar, travel, or for your morning commute. 

The 2 way zipper allows more freedom of movement and makes it super convenient to wear. 

The classic Safari Jacket has seen much resurgence in menswear circles recently. I like to think our version makes the best of many outerwear elements.

Wherever you decide to go- You'll be reaching for yours with no hesitation.

Order yours HERE

Available in Cream, Navy, Olive, and Dark Brown

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