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Genetics of a polo shirt- A New Breed

Best fitting polo shirt

As I continue to grow and bring my vision to life, I've added yet another product.; The polo shirt. They can be a great alternative to dress shirts in the summer heat. One of my biggest gripes with them was their construction. Every polo I've owned always had a collar that wilted like a stale salad. They lie flat against your collar bones. When getting dressed, I thought what if someone put the same interlining from a dress shirt in a polo? And that's exactly what I did. I also wanted something different from the standard Pique knit that breathes well. Pima cotton and the silk/cashmere blend fit the bill perfectly.

So what does putting an interlining in your Polo collar achieve? 

Stability. Polos are meant to be worn with the collar open. Having a jacket on top helps keep the Polo collar up,  but what about when not wearing a jacket? 

The interlining helps add shape and maintain your collar. The collar size (i.e. 15, 15.5, 16) should also be about a half inch shorter than what your dress shirts are. If the collar is too long, it will droop down. Whereas being shorter helps keep it around the shape of your neck when open. 

Same goes for the long sleeve version. I also chose to add two of my favorite cuff styles. The Cocktail aka English Turnback cuff, and the 3 Button Barrel Cuff. Both add a unique twist to your shirt. In addition, these look great worn under a sportcoat as a lightweight sweater, or by themselves with high waisted trousers. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. 

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