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All Tied Up - Latest Drops For 2021

One of the most peculiar things for me was the amount of ties we've been selling lately  ( for those who missed our Geometric Print Series - Don't Fret!)

We have a totally new Necktie collection just in time for those Zoom meetings and eventually dates/dinners/parties once things lighten up.

Our first in the new collection are our Comic Print Stripe Ties


Printed on 100% silk twill from Como, Italy

These ties were inspired by Comics - particularly the printing style known as Halftone Prints - created as a way to show color and shadow while saving ink.


The process involved me creating my own Halftone ( small dots) with an ink pen to create a worn texture- laid over classic stripes.

I only produced 12 of each color - our original 3 colorways come with their own Comic Print Authenticity Card - signed by yours truly.


Next Up are our Garza Piccola Grenadine Ties

Woven from 100% Silk - Currently there are only 2 fabrics mills in the world who produce Grenadine - both located in Italy.

We opted for classic blues - in Navy and Dark Navy. The ties are lightly lined and untipped- giving them a a very airy feel and super crisp hand

These are a no-brainer for anyone looking for a classic staple to start a tie collection or have something special in their arsenal that is easy to wear.

All Ties in our new collection can be found HERE

or just browse the menu on the screen.

If you're wondering how Italians always seem to be so well dressed and ooze that "sprezzaturra" we hear of so often; The secret just might be in their neckties... 

Wishing you good health and and a wonderful 2021 




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