Are Neckties the Reason for Loss of Circulation?

There was an article floating around recently we've gotten wind of that needs airing out.
It seems someone from the medical community decided that men suffering from circulation problems (to the brain) are the result of neckties being tied too tight.
Well I'd like to call bullshit

The loss of circulation or strangulation of the neck is almost certainly the result of..




When buying dress shirts, (especially off the rack) there is a small factor that most men don't consider when trying them on.
Most dress shirts tend to be made from 100% cotton ( sometimes blends) which tend to shrink about 3-5% after washing/drying. Most shirts also contain some sort of interfacing (more than likely glued) that causes the collar band to shrink even further when extreme heat is applied.
This means that size 16 collar shirt you bought might turn into a 15 3/4 if you aren't careful. Most shirting companies will pre-shrink their fabrics or have some sort of shrink allowance for garments. 
Although some people find nothing more satisfying than undoing a necktie after a long day- it should not be a factor of discomfort for you- and contrary to the aforementioned article, is not the culprit.
A tie will naturally loosen and shift throughout the course of your day

A necktie should be tied enough to cover the gap between the points of your collar with a snug fit. Ever have to stop and adjust your necktie? Exactly. 

So what should I do to make sure my shirts don't shrink?

Give yourself some room!

When measuring shirts, we tend to allow a "finger" of space between the neck to allow for such shrinkage after a wash.

Let it breathe

I personally do not wear shirts with any interfacing, but I also air dry them after washing ( pressing them gently by iron once they've become slightly damp).

Save the Cleaners for your Coats

Try to avoid dry-cleaning your shirts as well. Although the name implies differently, Dry Cleaning isn't actually "Dry". The garments are still laundered in a wet solution and pressed by high heat- which can result in shrinkage.

Follow these tips and you should have no problems with blood flow to your brain. We hope you continue to enjoy your lovely ties as much as we do.

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