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How To Choose The Best Suit For Hot Weather

The Heat Is On

Wedding Season is in full swing as we've entered Spring - And if you so happen to live below the Mason Dixie, that means heat and humidity. This means being conscious of choosing the right suit for hot weather.

One of the biggest things I've witnessed around these parts ( Richmond, Virginia) are many gentleman dressing, sans the jacket. If you happen to be attending a wedding - the jackets and ties are usually first to go after a couple rounds of libations.

Why do most guys ditch their jackets?

Climate & Construction

Heat and Humidity play a huge part. Ill fitting shirts and fabrics that don't breathe are also culprits.

An unstructured jacket is one of the charms of Neapolitan tailoring, where garments were built for the hot Naples weather in Italy.

X Of Pentacles Unstructured Sport Coat Neapolitan

* examples above and below of jacket with no lining present*

 X Of Pentacles Unstructured Summer Jacket Neapolitan Style


This type of construction translates well for the South. Jackets are made without linings ( sorry if you just got a custom suit with your Labrador retriever printed on the inside), and trousers are also unlined.

Fabric Choices

In addition to ditching the lining, choosing fabrics that have an open weave and are made of fabrics that breathe better (i.e. silk, linen, cotton, and blends of wool with either) are more suitable for those warmer outings. The open weave and lighter weight allows for better circulation. Try a fresco fabric if you're looking for something cool that travels well.  Cotton canvas trousers are also a comfortable choice when worn with a sport coat. "Tropical Wool" is also a nice lightweight alternative for suits. Linen is also still king of the warm weather fabrics, but one must be comfortable with the inevitable wrinkles that accompany it. 

As far as shirting goes, try to pay attention to fabric weight ( think 3oz) and go for a nice Chambray, Poplin, or even Linen blend to keep cool.

If you're going to shell out the cash for a nice wardrobe, make sure to be mindful of seasons to ensure your full outfit makes a proper appearance. You'll be sure to stand out and not look like Jim from The Office.

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