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How to store your ties

Taking the next step to purchase a quality silk tie is a big step indeed. There are so many inexpensive options nowadays that certainly get the job done, but are typically made with cheap materials and run of the mill designs. How many times have you come across ads for the cringe-worthy twenty dollar tie or pocket square? 
We've all purchased them at some point; But if you're like me, ended up donating them or throwing them away after your taste in clothing began to evolve. 
When designing XOP's ties I made it my mission to source not only the best fabrics, but the hidden components as well.
Our 100% wool interlining(pictured below)
This is what gives a tie it's shape and allows you to not only tie an attractive knot, but also helps the silk bounce back to it's original shape. You can often tell inexpensive versions because they're thick and stiff as a board!
If you're investing in a made to measure or bespoke suit- Wouldn't it make sense to choose a few quality accessories to compliment your wardrobe? And Most Importantly - know how to care for your investments?
The debate on How to Store Ties  is an extensive one indeed.
Here is one of the easiest ways to protect your investment.
Start by tucking the small blade into the keeper loop like this
Next, pinch the narrow end
 Begin wrapping the tie around your finger until you get it rolled completely.
The direction of the wrap is debatable, but the point is to relieve stress and tension placed on the spine of the tie when you wore it.
 Finally store it in a safe place until you're ready to wear it again. 
Not too complicated right?
Great style also comes with a sense of responsibility. When you invest in a quality wardrobe, it is essential you care for your garments and accessories to ensure they last a lifetime.
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