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N95 Face Mask Barrier Alternative Template


Hi There,

This is certainly the last thing I thought I'd be designing, but here we are. I'm sure you're all well aware of the devastation brought about by COVID-19.  X of Pentacles is certainly feeling the impacts as our workshops in Italy are under quarantine, entire supply chain is disabled, and this being my sole source of income as a small brand- yet I know we can all relate to the hardships faced during this time.

But as a brand built on resilience, It was hard for me to sit this one out. It is also promising to see so many people come together to contribute their skills and resources to fight this thing- so I offer this (very small) contribution as well.

This version utilizes pleats on the front ( like those on trousers), to allow for expansion on a broad range of faces. It also provides coverage across the mouth and nose- following the curvature of the face and a front dart that tucks the fabric underneath the chin naturally.

With a widespread shortage of Personal Protective Equipment, barriers for medical staff have become scarce. I decided to come up with my own version, that forgoes use of elastic ( you can't find any) or flexible aluminum- that still covers the nose,mouth, and underneath the chin. Utilizing some of the same principles that apply to tailoring/design in making a flat object conform to a 3-Dimensional person.

You can download the template and instructions HERE

*PATTERN IS NOT FOR RESALE* and is the sole intellectual property of Ames Apparel Group LLC / X of Pentacles

I'll be cranking out a few of these and encourage you to pass on the template to whomever would like to help in creating the masks for your local healthcare professionals.

Also consider donating to first responders, local grocery stores, and other essential personnel you can think of. 

These are by NO MEANS a clinically approved replacement for the N-95 masks, but rather an alternative protective barrier that can be worn on top of them or used  by themselves as an alternative at the discretion of the wearer. Please check with your local hospitals to ensure the types of masks donations they will accept. 

*PLEASE NOTE* These will last much longer if you have access to a serger and a way to sew the raw ends and prevent fraying.

I wish you all good health and safety as we continue to navigate these tragic times together.

Warm Regards,

Marcel Ames 


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