How to Choose a Pocket Square



There is something to be said about the decision making process for buying pocket squares. This is not to be mistaken for the selection process afterwards, in choosing the right pocket square for your suit.

THAT process boils down to the social occasion, color, fabric, and personal preference; And there are a million articles on the subject. Basically pick up a color close to one found in your jacket, shirt, or tie, and you'll be fine. The less detail in a square, the more conservative it becomes- this can also be achieved depending on how it is folded. Since most of us aren't  frequently attending black tie events, you are welcome to experiment with playful designs and fabrics.

 what should you look for in a pocket square?

For some it is an afterthought, but for the rest of us is an almost ritualistic and sacred selection. If your squares have hand-rolled edges, more than likely you're already ahead of most. 


How do I choose the right pocket square?

It think its safe to say that most tend to be reactive in how they purchase accessories. Perhaps they want to celebrate something, or need it for a social function. This is certainly fine, but there is another process called Curation.

Yes, to curate like one would a fine museum. A collection of items added and maintained periodically. You might not have an immediate need for it, but you are certain it will serve it's purpose in the near future. Perhaps you have an emotional connection to a particular design? It inspires you, or it represents a part of your personality, or perhaps you've even visited the destination it represents. There is no rhyme, reason, or need for why you purchase, outside of an attraction to a particular design. You eventually end up with an array of thoughtfully selected squares in a variety of patterns, textures, and sizes to compliment any outfit. But most importantly, they relate to you!! You clothing is an extension of you, so they should reflect your personality a little. 

With that said...

The pocket square "Don'ts" 


  • stay away from the department store matching box sets, or subscription box items.
  • your pocket square and tie should not use the same exact fabric as one another
  • By no means should you have a device to pre-fold or hold your square in your pocket-Yes this contraption actually exists- That is the equivalent of a clip-on tie. You shouldn't own anything pre-tied or pre-folded unless you are in PRE-school.
Why does my pocket square fall into my pocket?

It has to do with the size of the pocket square and the fabric it is made from. Silk tends to slip the most, therefore we counterbalance by making them slightly larger (about 17"). Our wool/silk pocket squares have a bit more bulk and texture, creating a bit of friction in the pocket and being least likely to slip as much, therefore we can offer them in a smaller size (about 15").

You should also understand that when it comes to pocket squares, sometimes they need adjusting. When our shoes become undone- we tie them , right? If our pocket squares slip down into our pocket, we give them a tug, adjust, and go about our day. Responsibility comes with the territory- an unspoken undertaking when choosing to buy into luxury clothing. To truly appreciate a level of craftsmanship and beauty, one will also develop a level of compassion and care for that which he loves. 





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