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Throwback Thursday- A Style Voyage Pt. 2

*Some Things to Note* - if you look closely at my shoulders, they appear to have large "peaks". Not to be confused with stiff shoulder padding typical of american and english suiting. If the top of the shoulders protrude out and there is a bulge in the sleeve....the suit is too tight. Bunching at the button closure is also another sign of a suit too small. 

The picture above was taken during summer of 2009. I had left my miserable job in richmond, packed up a large suitcase and decided to head back to the city that I loved…with absolutely no plan. A very close friend of mine was gracious enough to allow me to crash on her couch indefinitely virtually rent -free. She even pulled some strings to get me a job at a local spa. I reconnected with friends from my college days and would hit the town for drinks and various events.

At this time, I had spent a few months on the forum that I mentioned. Never had I been so overwhelmed with information about menswear. Topics could be had on everything from lapel width, to button stance, to insteps. I had no idea what any were. I assumed a passive role during this time on the forum, and took time to understand the basics. Suit construction, Shirt fabrics, tie patterns, shoe construction, etc.

Online made to measure shirting had made it’s debut and I decided to participate. I was hooked and eventually never bought an off the rack shirt again. Like many gateway drugs, this began to lead me down the rabbit hole. Suddenly the Armani exchange watch, aldo shoes, and h&m suit(pictured above)s were no longer appealing. As they began to wear, and my taste continued to change, I was upset once again that I purchased them. I bought a pair of Allen Edmonds “Strand” in Walnut(also pictured ) and gave the Aldo’s to Goodwill. 

p.s. I was wearing one of those awful and stiff "Non-Iron" dress shirts by a certain menswear brand. In addition to probable subtle chemical exposure, it didn't breathe well and smelled HORRIBLE after a long day. I"ll get into fabric composition and care in the next post...

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