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Pocket Squares

All of our luxury pocket squares are crafted by hand and designed here in Richmond. Produced in limited batches- You'll never see the same design twice. 
Our silk pocket squares also double as a neckerchief, making them the perfect unisex gift. 
Whether you frame them as artwork, tie them as a scarf, or wear them in your pocket- you'll find our quality and original aesthetic something to be cherished for years to come. 




We currently offer two types: The traditional Shawl and the Silk Carré
Offered in limited quantities, each of our scarves are available in 2 different colorways. 


Geometric Print Cotton Tie - Theta Green


Our luxury neckties are made to a high standard and steer clear of trends for a timeless look.   
Not your typical necktie found in your local department store or subscription boxes- We source each component separately to provide you a tie with the perfect weight and knot. 
Try ours and you'll never want to go tie-less again!